Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Goodson Chapel & Courtyard

Duke Chapel, Divinity School and Perennials

When I attended Duke, this was a parking lot full of dumpsters.

Duke Chapel and Daffodils

Duke Chapel and Daffodils, originally uploaded by Lenore Ramm.

Another perspective of the Divinity School. Langford addition from the early 70s seen to the left.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Divinity School

Divinity School, originally uploaded by dukejason.

...with a good view of the new Goodson Chapel from the Perkins-Bostock porch.

Duke Divinity School

DSC00016, originally uploaded by dorafang.

This photo appears to have been taken from the new Bostock Library.

Scenes from Duke Chapel Tower

Scenes from Duke Chapel Tower, originally uploaded by MtPhillips.

Divinity School Addition

New Goodson Chapel and Wesbrook Building, with old Memorial Wall, West Campus, Duke University.

Westbrook Addition

Westbrook on left connects to old Gray on right, with Memorial Wall in courtyard, West Campus, Duke University.